CCELL PALM vape pen review

I’m sitting here with the CCELL PALM vape pen.  It has a nice, stylish, modern look and feels sturdy, made with good quality materials.  It has a heavy weight to it.  Looks like a DSLR camera battery. It’s very stealthy, super compact and could be obscured in your hand even after a cartridge is attached.  I have very small hands even for a girl and I can palm this vape pen!

It has no button for power on/off or to operate; just attach the metal screw to the bottom of your CCELL cartridge, twist on the CBD cartridge, and pull.  A very short, small pull produced a LOT of smoke.  Very powerful little vape pen!

Here’s what I liked:

  • Very stylish design for a vape pen
  • Very stealthy vape pen
  • Powerful, clean delivery of extract

What I didn’t like about the PALM vape pen:

  • There’s no place to store the charging cord or the round attachment, except loosely by magnet

Would I purchase the Palm vape pen for myself or a friend?

Hell yes!  It’s super cute, stealthy, stylish, and works very well!  I’d say it’s a unisex vape pen design and great for the discreet vape pen user.  There’s also 3 other colors, I have the dark gray one.


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