Marijuana Pens

Are you looking for marijuana leaf pens?  Actual writing tools with a cute cannabis design?  On this page, you’ll find links to some marijuana pens that we’ve found around the internet.  We are not affiliated with any of these products, just compiling an easy list for you to shop when you want a marijuana pen for yourself or a friend!

420 themed pens are fun gifts for friends or to show your support of the legalization of medical marijuana.

These are not vape pens! These marijuana pens are just pens.

Rare Marijuana Pens

Hey – buy this one quick! There’s only one available of this cool Marijuana Leaf in Tie Dyed Resin pen.  It’s $65 on an Etsy store.

Party Favor / Promotional Pot Pens

Super Cute Affordable Marijuana Joint Pen – Omg!  Look at this marijuana joint pen!  For only $6, you can fake people out with this cool pen.

Look at these marijuana leaf print pens for promotional use.  Prices start at $0.89 per pen when ordering at least 250 pens.   Black ink with retractable ballpoint.