Purevape CBD Boost Disposable Vape Pen Review

I’ve been testing vape pens over the past week and while most of them are similar and unremarkable, this disposable vape pen by Purevape stood out to me.

On the first initial hit, I was taken back by the taste… make sure you go in expecting a menthol flavor!  It’s like expecting a glass of milk but realizing you poured yourself orange juice.  But after the first hit, the vape pen became refreshing!

It’s a CBD Boost pen, with no THC… not exactly what I’d normally go for, it’s really the menthol flavor and the easy inhale that I like.  It’s a soothing vape pen experience.

I would say, I wish that other cartridges were more minty flavored rather than the usual fruity and canna-esque taste.

Hitting the CBD Boost Purevape disposable vape pen quickly became a little addictive, in that I wanted to keep hitting it.  I don’t know if the CBD is having much effect, but I would hit on this pipe a couple times just as a breath mint!


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